Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The wedding weekend!

Nathan and Genevieve are officially married! The Lord was immensely present in all aspects of the weekend. As a missionary in the People of Praise, I've had a new experience this weekend of not desiring to take pictures. As a missionary, I know I'm not going anywhere, and I had a sense of commitment to the people I was with. I don't want to go anywhere, so I didn't feel a need to snap a bunch of pictures, but to spend my time visiting with many of the people I loved. The event was filled with praising God, visiting old and new friends, swing dancing, and finishing the night with sitting around the fire with the Missionary Company. Oh so sweet...
Our growing export NoVa contingent...
Molly, Brigette, and Kristin

So I will give you pictures of the Rehearsal dinner which the Missionaries put together... I wanted to get pictures of this for Nathan and Genevieve: (more on flickr...)
Mary, Naomi, and Ellen
Chopping pears
Hannah... the head cook!
The H. family from Minnesota come to help out for a bit...
Mmm... almond croissants. Yes, you want to taste these.
Laura and Jeanette!

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