Thursday, September 27, 2007

Quick update

It is 10 pm, and with my last load of laundry in the dryer, the towels folded (and halfway to where they need to be), the desserts eaten for our mini-celebration of Mary's birthday, the dances practiced, I am ready to finish packing because we are going to South Bend tomorrow at 6 am! And, I will be learning stick for the whole 3 hour trip (saints preserve us and please, stay off the road.) It's been a lovely evening and now I'm bushed. Our household will be making and serving the rehearsal dinner for Nathan and Genevieve tomorrow and then attending the wedding on Saturday! Praise God for our full life!

Also, the moon is beautiful tonight. I read a book when I was little and the main character talked about waiting for a bright moon to run away. It's nights like these that remind me of how much of a difference the moonlight can make. Beautiful. Here's a view from our dinning room window: (please excuse the fuzziness... maybe you could give me tips to getting a crisp moon and still see the church??)

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  1. My dad is a professional photographer, and I've asked him how to do that kind of thing before. He basically said that you need a 500mm lens, and even that would only get you the moon. He said that the only way you can really get a good picture of the moon with some clear foreground is if you take the picture before the sun goes down. He's tried many times, but has never been able to do it well. But don't give up! :)