Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I could probably write a book about how good the Lord was to us this past weekend... but I'll spare you. We had Lord's Day at 1027 in Dinkytown with almost 90 citybuilders! When we responded for the prayers, we seriously sounded like an army. It was sweet. We came from far and wide (Indianapolis, South Bend, and Louisiana!)

Being with brothers and sisters for even a short weekend was very worth it and life building. The Lord blessed our time so much! Thanks y'all!

Here are just a few pictures from our trip to MN for covenant-making... There are more on Flickr if you wish!
Music- always a part of our gatherings
Sean, Nick, and Angel
Karen, Margaret, Annie, and Rachel
This is the whole room of us... we were crowded in!
Enjoying the music...
Kathleen, Amy, Anna, Colleen, Anne, Trish, Nick, and Sean

My gracious hosts in Minnesota! Ellen's family...
Catherine, Veronica, Paul, Paul, Annie, Peter, and Ellen

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  1. Dude, it's gotta get much colder to be able to snow. But isn't the thought of snow exciting!!