Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Genevieve's Bridal Shower!

As the Indianapolis Missionary women drove up to South Bend, I was in awe of how great our life is (again). We had the opportunity to celebrate Genevieve and Nathan's upcoming wedding! As I walked into the room, I was so excited to get to catch-up with so many citybuilding women! It was great to see some of the women who hail from NoVa, too!

The sign of a well done event in the People of Praise is when the Father is glorified, and He was certainly glorified by this event! Genevieve is an amazing woman of the Lord and it's exciting to be able to celebrate with her!

Cathy G. and Genevieve D.
Claire M., Meself, and Brigette M.
Laura, Andrea, and the honorary Kane (me)
Amy D. and Elizabeth G.
Laura F., Annie B., Mary T., and Anne V.
Liz L. and Brigette M.
Sisters! Hannah and Laura B.
(and yes, this is a correct representation of their conversations together.)

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