Monday, August 20, 2007

South Bend!

What an amazing weekend... The Indy Women (minus Hannah who was in MN this week) went to the Bend for a visit that was less than 24 hours! It was spectacular. Mary and Naomi are officially RN's and we drove up after celebrating the big NCLEX test. We went to the People of Praise branch mtg, had breakfast at Mary's parents' house, did chores and had lunch with the Colfax house women, and then drove back to Indy in time to have Lord's Day with Dan and Carrie's family and other guests from the branch. It was a total whirlwind, but all of us women were more keenly aware of how great our life in the People of Praise is!

Cleaning Colfax!
Ellen and Elizabeth... the kitchen

Mary and Laura... the dinning room

Claire... upstairs bathroom (cool sink!)

Gretchen... packing her stuff to go to the Ellsworth House

Maria, Genevieve, and Ellen on our way to the new house!

My second family... after their move to South Bend!
Genevieve, Addison, Laura, Maria, Andrea, and Molly

Myself, Ellen, and Genevieve

Mary and Naomi getting the tour from Andrea
the beautiful dinning room

Their beautiful kitchen!

Leo and George in the breakfast nook

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  1. Great shots. Can't wait to get to SB next week.