Sunday, July 15, 2007

A view of this week...

An apology to those who like the less-wordy posts...

This week has been a good one! The schedule has switched around, and we are currently taking Thursdays off and splitting up our "work" between 3 mornings instead of one 10-hour work day (Monday through Wednesday). That has gone well so far, and doesn't leave us all wiped out.

This Thursday was a great low-key day off. I was able to take a bike ride downtown in the middle of the day, making a stop at the IUPUI InfoTech building. What is there you ask? Pianos! There are about 6 piano rooms open for use, and almost all of them were empty! I got to sit down and play piano for the first time this summer. It was an hour of bliss, and I look forward to going back next Thursday with a new book given to me by Carrie from the People of Praise branch here. I would like to improve on the piano in the future instead of just blocking chords. It's so easy to forget how much I love piano.

Our HH plus Laura G. from South Bend also went to see live Jazz music (the Municipal band...) at the Canal downtown. They were pretty good! It was a wonderful day off.

This weekend has been good and inside of the normal routine so far. I also had the special treat of having brunch with Dan and Carrie's family, and Jen T. has been visiting us from Dinkytown!! (We celebrated Hannah's, Naomi's, and Jim's birthdays.) Here's a picture of them enjoying Jen's gift of Summit Pale Ale:
Hannah, Omi, and Jen T.

Now... I'm off to a branch picnic at the Maz's house!

That's the news from Indy where all the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and the children are above average. =)

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  1. I'm a big fan of your mock Lake Wobegon quote,