Monday, July 30, 2007

Praise God!

The Lord has blessed us immensely this summer. We are calling this coming Saturday the "end" of the summer, and are pushing hard to let the Lord work in big ways this week. This past weekend we had Sean, Kevin, Trish, Elizabeth, and Laura visit from South Bend. They shot some video of our work in Indy and it was great to have them here! Our life was more full!

Sean, Elizabeth, and Kevin...
Working hard (and Sean napping, well maybe not.)

Trish and Hannah

It's amazing how much the Lord will move if you give him the space. We've been talking a lot about "sticking your neck out" for the Lord, allowing him to do big things. (Reminiscent of Smith Wigglesworth who was constantly sticking out his neck for the Lord... Read up on him, he's crazy for the Lord.)

Check out pictures and broadcasts that tell a lot more about our life! (

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