Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pig Roast Public Meeting!

Indy and the Missionary Company hosted a Pig Roast Public Meeting last night at our little plot of land next to our duplex. It was great! The pig was reported to be 117 lbs and it was absolutely delicious! I took a lot of pictures, and here are some of them!

Jon and the Pig

Ellen, Brian, and Dan

Mary and the Baked Beans... mmmm

Jon and Maggie, making the volleyball court juuuuust riiiight.

Jenny and Will

Vivian, Michael, Robert, Jon, and Ellen

Sam (I think), Hannah, and Angel all watching the Volleyball game

Nick, giving the opening talk

Lexi (sp?) and a view of all of the guests

Ellen, Nick, and Delia's kids watching a video interview of Delia...
Isaiah, T, Tony, and Vanessa

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