Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Friday" Night

Friday nights... well, Tuesday night is our Friday night, because we take Wednesdays off. (Thus the time to post today!) After a little missionary work last night, we went to a park on Raymond Street. They have the "Sunken Gardens." We had a great time playing with the camera. Praise God for living life together!

Naomi learning about F-stop

Brian C. took this one... I'm still learning how to do this on my own. =)

Mary and Naomi Irish Dancing... gracefully!

Abe climbing a tree... (Rus also climbed trees.)

Here's a picture of Indianapolis from the end of our street. Brian helped set up my camera for this shot (Thanks!) Take note of the beautiful moon!

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  1. Garfield Park!!! I am so excited to see it on your blog!!! I lived in Indy for two months, five summers ago, and spent a lot of time in Garfield. My heart leaps at the sight of it! Praise God for beautiful parks!