Friday, May 04, 2007


It felt like it took a long time for spring to come this year, but then it simply popped. As I got out of my car last night, after the sun had gone down, I looked up and realized to my surprise that the tree in our front yard had fully grown leaves, and was canopied over my little honda. What a great, but odd, feeling of protection. The Lord gave us seasons, and I'm grateful. Another thing I realized is how much I love our dogwood in our front yard. It is green most of the summer, but for a few weeks in the spring, it has beautiful white flowers. Between the dogwood and the azaleas, I must say, our front yard is simply stunning. For those who have never seen... here are a couple of photos:

As a quick update, the only thing that lies between myself and graduation are two Finance finals and 4 days of work! I'm trying to fit a few things in before I leave, like a day trip to the Shenandoah mountains and Mass at the Shrine. Not that I won't ever be back, but just that I really love those things. Now, if all my belongings would sort and pack themselves, I'd be set!

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