Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lord's Day

It is the time of year when everything can be labeled "last". For example: I have finished my last lecture of my undergrad education, I have had my last reading day before finals, I attended my last NoVa branch meeting as a member (pending possible return, of course), and lastly (pun intended), I had my last 9th Grade Youth Ministry event. 5 of the girls and myself had a Mother-Daughter Lord's Day! It was an extremely successful event. Everyone brought some part of the meal (chicken salad with homemade bread) as well as wonderful desserts! It was a great time to sit down and enjoy the company, as it is definitely a rare sight to see only women and their daughters at a Lord's Day. It was also an honor to have my Mom there, especially before I'm hitting the road (in 16 days!) It's been a fun year with the girls. I wish I had a picture from Lord's Day! I was the only leader of their group this year, and they were very good to me. We did fun things, but they also showed their amazing hearts with the amount of service they did. They are wonderful daughters of God!

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