Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Four years full of papers, group projects, lectures, mid-terms, finals, and office hours with many professors have come and gone. They have been wonderfully interspersed with coffee outings, People of Praise meetings, free movies at the chapel, intramural soccer, retreats, nannying, a summer in Allendale, life at the Kane’s, family vacations, late night trips to IHOP, a trip to Italy, and much more.

The Central Area of the People of Praise honored me last Friday and prayed over me before leaving to join the Missionary Company. The evening was full of pure joy (and yes, a few tears as well.) It will be hard to leave, and I thank God everyday that it’s the 21st Century: full of email, blogspots, cell phones, Skype, and airplanes.

I’m now in the last 8 days at home, trying to coherently plan for my departure. I’ve officially procured new sandals and a graduation dress, but am certainly praying that all my other errands and shopping trips will be as smooth as these first ones! (If you don’t know this, I hate shopping, so it’s a big deal.)
I have clawed my way through my bookshelves, filling a box with about 40 books to give away, but keeping those that I’m attached to (Thanks, Trinity!) I’m so excited to be done with education a while, free to re-read many of my favorites from Trinity as well as reading the ones we never got to ("Our Town" and "The Jungle"). The best part of this plan is that I’ll get to read my notes as a high school student, which, let me tell you, will be half the fun! (Oh, and Harry Potter comes out soon. Youbetcha, I'm excited.)

That's it for now... stay tuned for graduation pictures and updates on my new life in the Missionary Company!

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