Tuesday, April 03, 2007


So... I thought I would update my blog, letting y'all know what's going on!

The semester keeps going, and I can tell you that I have 45 days until graduation. (However, I only have 9 more class days... since I'm in school Mondays/Wednesdays. Glory!) It's been a good semester, and I'm determined to finish out strong! Yesterday was my last presentation and group project of my undergrad career! I have found group projects to have gotten better as college goes on, because you know your classmates better, and who you want on in your group!

On the horizon!
As some of you already know, I have joined the Missionary Company of the People of Praise for roughly two years. (Read about it in the Vine and Branches!) This will start after graduation in May, when I will pack up and move to Indianapolis! Here is a description of our work there right now, and also, here are videos of preaching at IUPUI that I'm sure we'll all get a taste of.

I will be there for the summer, and then will go to Memphis, Tennessee in the fall to start missionary work there! Keep us in your prayers as the Lord directs us in His work!


  1. Yay for graduation! I'm excited to see you are coming to Indy. Since I'm here in school most of the year, it will be fun to see you and get to know you better! The Indy branch is looking forward to it!

  2. Wow Mary. Congrats on your decision! I know you have been praying hard on that one for a while.
    I miss you.