Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The past week...

I thought it was worth mentioning in this particular post that I definitely agree with Catherine. The school work is not going away, but amazingly, it is under control. I am proud to announce that all group projects and papers for the semester are done, and I look forward to the next 20 days being over (but who's counting?)

Senioritis hit hard this weekend. I did not do any homework except the printing of notes for class this week. I am proud to say also that I could afford it. I'm grateful the Lord gave me a little breathing time to really enjoy the weather. It reached 84 yesterday and was mid-70s all weekend. Praise the Lord!

On Tuesday evening I saw Braddigan (formly of Dispatch) in concert, which was great. He's a talented artist, and there was much great music to enjoy. (Whisperings of the great music to be enjoyed in Indy and Memphis as a part of the Missionary Company... oh I can't wait!)

The other great outing I had this past week was a trip to the National Zoo with Emily W. It was a beautiful afternoon (bordering on hot!) We saw some great animals and also read some on a grassy patch at the bottom of the big hill. I have this list of things I want to do (again) before I leave VA... Zoo, check. Shrine, Shenandoah, and Old Town Alexandria... here I come!

Well... I can't name what kind of flowers these are, but they were beautiful!

This picture is of a spider that was pretty big... with legs, about the size of my palm. If someone in the Allendale household could make sure Joan sees this... (I thought of her because this particular spider was not behind glass, but out in the open!!)

Emily and I


  1. Hey Mary! The zoo sounds so fun. I am definitely feeling the senioritis too...as a freshman! Catherine's post was great, wasnt it? I can't wait till I see you next!

  2. Shouldn't you be studying instead of blogging and running all over God's creation looking at flowers and another thing...ah nevermind! Enjoy!

  3. Hey Mary! I love your picture of the flowers. It is currently set as the background of my computer! Good luck with finals! I can't wait to see you.