Friday, April 13, 2007

He is Risen!


My parents and I had a great trip to Michigan for Easter. Despite the flurries of snow everyday (I really am becoming a southerner), we all managed, though there was no outside Easter egg hunt! My sister, Kate, and James have 5 boys and are expecting their next child any day now. Their house is full of action, as you can imagine, and they all have so much fun. Seamus received his First Communion, and Kate directed the children’s choir for the Easter Morning Mass. Dad’s honoring of Kate’s abilities was whole-heartedly felt by all. She does an amazing job.

Myself and Liam, my godson

Grandma, Francis, and Liam

The whole family: Clockwise from Dad: James, Kate, Patrick, Liam, Seamus, Francis, and Peter

Myself and Kate

Grandpa and Grandma (Dad and Mom)

(There are no pictures, but we also got to visit with Melanie and her kids: Isa, Diego, and Xavi, before arriving home... that was great! Thanks for having us!)

While Easter was wonderful, and yes, we’re still celebrating, we have been welcomed back to Virginia. The weather has not greeted us warmly, but I have high hopes for the coming changes. The trees were significantly changed even over the 4 day trip to Michigan. Unfortunately, the cherry blossoms were demolished early this year due to a thunderstorm that tore through the area. I suppose I’ll have to make due with pictures from previous years… The cherry blossoms are one of my favorite times in DC.

I am officially counting down. As of today, I have 31 days until finals are over! The unbelievable part is I only have 6 more days of classes and then two final exams. Final grades are lurking on the horizon, papers are coming to a close, and the big time of studying is drawing near. While I am very excited, I know the Lord has plenty for me to do here before I hit the road to Indianapolis… So, I have my work cut out for me, and I'm ready to tackle it!

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