Friday, March 23, 2007

Update and Risk-Aversion

To open this up, an apology to all using an RSS feed for my blog. I did some relabeling, deleting, and editing of some old blogs, and I'm not sure if they are going to show up as "new entries" on programs such as Google Reader (which I realize will be a pain.)

I wanted to give an update, considering today I'm at work, and like some days, have a bit of time on my hands... Graduation is approaching (not quite quickly enough) on May 18th. Classes are beginning to speed up, and the reading keeps piling. However, I am confident that I will make it through my last semester, through Christ who strengthens me! Easter plans are slowly gelling for the Seale's... We are considering a big drive up to Michigan to visit my sister's family! Looking forward to time with family...

I was thinking about health insurance recently, since I was dropped from my family plan. The People of Praise has a new way to do business, because we have a different way of running and ordering our lives. We relate like brothers and sisters, listen well, rely on God for our financing, and are extremely motivated. My business classes would give up a lot to be able to teach future managers how to "motivate" your employees to give up their all like so many in the People of Praise do. Thoroughly convinced that I want to be in that working environment my whole life, I began to think about health insurance. In the People of Praise, through the power of the Holy Spirit, people are healed of illnesses. Being personally faced with finding health insurance for a temporary amount of time, I was realizing that my insurance should want to pay me for being less of a risk. In December I was healed of TMJ. I have had this problem for four years, and had been to many doctors trying to find a good solution. It occured to me that the solution was free, with no $10 co-pay to any health company! I am a great investment to a risk adverse health insurance company... and I think that's worth noting!

In any case, that's the news and my thoughts...

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