Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day Extraordinaire

I'm starting to notice how unbelievably blessed I am to live with kids! Today Fairfax County and GMU had off on the same day, due to ice and snow. Here a clip from today that make me grateful to be "Aunt Mary" or "Mawy" as they like to call me...

The sound of children lingering upstairs instead of rushing for breakfast and schoolbags slowly woke me this morning. Thomas (2) was starting to raise his voice from his porta-crib, aware that fun was being had without him. I slowly walked to his room, quickly assuring him that I'd deliver him to Mom, as well as diverting his attention to the beautiful world God has created. "Thomas, look! Snow!" His eyes bugged, mouth open to a perfect circle, gasped, and said, "No!" (otherwise pronounced "snow" by most adults.)

The house was full of children all day today, and alas, will also be tomorrow, for Fairfax County will not be open tomorrow either... But, I will go to work, as all adults must, even when it snows...

Virginia, Mary, and Thomas

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