Monday, January 08, 2007

South Bend, Indiana!

I just got back from 8 glorious (yes, I said glorious) days in South Bend! The only flaw was the lack of snow... but I think I can overlook it.

There was a People of Praise Missionary Conference from the 29th-31st and then I stayed for a few days to visit the One:Ten Household. Here are some pictures:

Listening to Talks and Watching "Roll Playing"

What would the weekend be without Music? Very Talented people present...

Speed Scrabble, the BIG version!

Brigette, Mary Beth, and Claire

Melissa and I

Angie, Liz, Mary, and Gina... Dinkytown, Allendale, Dinkytown, and Chicago.
Praise God for being all together!

The Spirit definitely moved powerfully that weekend, and He continues to move.

And now... 2 weeks of work before my LAST semester starts!


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Great Pix Mary

  2. Laura Ficker4:19 PM

    Mary! it was so fun to have you! Thanks so much for helping the 1:10 household out - man, you just picked us up after that conference. Also, the deposit slips were HUGE! and I didnt have to do much else for conference finances :) thankyou thankyou thankyou
    god bless ya!

  3. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Miss Mary-
    Was this a POP leadership thingie? Looks like you had a blast. I miss you, we need to Panera soon.