Sunday, July 09, 2006


The summer is officially half over! Wow! We've had two Action teams breeze through here, leaving a mark on me, with many new friends, and closer ties to community. This past week, however, was one of relaxation! I had this week off, spending it mostly with Laura, for we were the only non-working staff left in Allendale. We had a low-key week of reading, making board games, sketching, and watching movies. I certainly cannot complain.

This past weekend I spent in New Orleans! I must say it was a definite experience of culture shock. We got to meet members of the branch of the People of Praise while down there, which was aweomse! We went to Frenchmen St. to the bars to listen to live Jazz music the first night we arrived. Hannah gave us a tour of New Orleans, showing us the places where Katrina has left her most devastating mark. It was a sobering drive. Lastly, I got to see an old choir teacher (and good friend) perform in "Bye Bye Birdie" which was a blessing. I have never seen her perform before, and I haven't seen her in general for a few years now. I miss her very much...

Life is settling back to "normal" here. The 3rd Action Team arrives tomorrow, 40 people large, and I'm feeling rested and ready for them! The stories to share from the 2nd trip of how the Holy Spirit moved in all of our lives was absolutely incredible. I am looking forward to what He has in store for this next team. His presence has been so strong this summer. I am beginning to see His face so much more... what a gift.

Y'all will have to picture my summer from your imaginations for a while... my camera is officially going into the shop to be fixed or pronounced dead.

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  1. sounds good!
    what date do you come home? are you driving along? (this is your big sister talking ;))

    keep on enjoying!