Friday, June 30, 2006

End of Team 2

So, today is the last day of Team 2's trip to Allendale. I've made it through my 2nd "end of the month" procedures for finances here and am looking forward to my week off. It has been an exhausting two weeks, with so much to be grateful for. The summer is truly flying by, and that is definitely a shame. My camera is currently out of commission, so here are the pictures I've already taken, and I'm not sure when the next ones will be up...

Sarah and Anna working on the porch roof

The current stage of the 1434

1 comment:

  1. Mar,

    Bummer about your camera!!! I didn't know you got a week off, what are you doing with it? Sleeping?! :) We missed you at the beach...

    Have a good 4th and take care.