Thursday, June 08, 2006

Catching up from the week...

It is just before dinner here in Allendale, the office in the back of 1442 is still busy with the lone few workers, however, I’m not sure if we’re all doing “work” or rather just sufficing our need to get things done on our computers.
Last weekend was my first Sunday Funday of the summer (and my life). We had a digital camera scavenger hunt through Shreveport. We were sent out in cars in teams of four to find 21 random items (or people). Good clean fun is always worth it. Two hours of driving and running around the city, we all convened in the living room to see each other’s clever “answers” to the “questions.” I will get these pictures for you soon, because they are worth it.
Team one has arrived this week. They are 21 people strong, many of them young, and accomplishing a lot of work. It is a treat having some of home come to me (Carolyn, Bill, Justin, and Zack). It just goes to show that community always makes the world smaller.
1434 Yale Avenue is the new house going up. It is about 150% of the other four houses we have funded and built ourselves. The insulation is installed below the up-and-coming plywood that will support the new floors. It is exciting to walk out of the house every afternoon and see a new addition to the house.
It is a new experience for me to be here, a staff “adult” and meet all the siblings of the “adults” my own age. Many of them you can tag as soon as they exhaustedly get out of their cars, wondering whether you’ve met them or not, because they are so similar to their families. It is a treat to get to know so many people. By the end of the summer, around 130 people will have come through Allendale, taking it, and me, by storm.
Compliments of Brian, I have been inspired to write a note on a new level of “common life.” Many of us this week were “knocked out” by a pretty unpleasant virus. We sat, always four or five of us strong, in the living room of the women’s house, miserably watching movies such as Spiderman or the Incredibles. As Brian said, “It’s cool all being sick together.” I must admit that I too share his sentiment. Besides that, the household and staff members who were not sick showed great compassion and service to all of us. Living in common is hard. Sign me up.

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