Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Books and Businesses

Being in Allendale has not afforded me much personal time. However, I will be the last person to be complaining. Being here, “on duty” after the work day, as we call it in our staff meetings, is by far much better than any internship I could’ve asked for this summer. Being on duty here can include playing games, washing dishes, sitting on a porch swing, having meaningful conversations, and participating in and listening to some amazing talks about life in the People of Praise. What an awesome life.

However, with the weekends and half hours here and there, I have finished reading “The Great Divorce” by CS Lewis and have started reading “The Risk of Love” by Vanstone. Every summer I am awarded by my efforts to read and rediscover the bookworm that I remember being in grade school.

In the mornings here, at 6:40 am, we gather in a circle around 1442 Yale and start our day with prayer. Every morning we pray for the safety of all the workers, for the relationships we have inside the neighborhood, and lastly, for the success of a People of Praise business here called Windows, Doors and More Outlet. Community has changed my view on many things in my life, including business. I have thought that running a POP business would be my preference, having prayer twice a day, with respect for coworkers and customers alike. However, it has never occurred to me to pray for a business. It has had a profound affect on my “One story universe.” I want God and the People of Praise to be in all parts of my life. I want God to be in control of my decisions, my schooling, my family, and even the business that I’m a part of!

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