Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blessings in Many Forms

Well, I have been having the time of my life. I have gotten my feet entirely wet in the "job" aspect of Allendale. Job is in quotation because working with People of Praise is like working hard and doing something for the glory of God... hardly feels like work.

Our meal times have been "in common." We eat together for every meal (women only in the morning) and discuss at dinner some specified question or topic. Last night we discussed, "Where have you seen God working in your life over the past few days?" My head started spinning at the mere suggestion of trying to tackle that subject. It feels like everything down here is God moving in my life. The relationships, job, games, weather, and even the trials are all a blessing.

Last night we played Scattergories with the summer staff (the seven of us who are here just for the summer) and I had so much fun... It'll be a very sad day when I have to return home for one more year of college.

Tonight we have more fun in order: we are going to the Red River for a picnic dinner to watch live Jazz in Shreveport. I'm very excited... stay tuned for more pictures!

Also, If you want to read up more on what People of Praise is and what we are doing in Allendale, go to

There are pictures, information, etc...

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