Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I have arrived! My hands are blistered, my "tan" at the end of the day is just where the dirt starts and stops, the exhaustion level is only at a point where Louisiana could push it from heat and hard labor, and the people are, as always, amazing men and women of God who are awesome to be around.

We are building the sixth house, putting up the beams between the cinder blocks... Sixteen foot wood is HEAVY! The beams are 3 pieces of wood bolted together. It is an artform that is slowly being perfected by the POP college women. The weather is was only a high of 89 today, but with humidity, it is hot enough. It still gets amazingly coller (around 80) at night, which is wonderful...

I am so glad to be here, unfortunately, I have no pictures to show off, YET. We've been busy working, but I promise to take some pictures soon, especially of the progress of the house.

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