Sunday, April 23, 2006

Crunch time....

It has been a while! I thought I would let you know how great Easter was. We had lots of family in town again this year, and all the Masses were beautiful. Above is a picture of Dad when he was in highschool, he's with my Aunt Peggy... We had the opportunity to sit around and look at old "slides" of Dad in highschool... man, was that entertaining!

Also, my sister's family moved up to Maryland this past week, and we got to be the first Lord's Day guests in their home! It was such a great treat, because I haven't gotten to see the house yet... so that was wonderful. It's a beautiful little condo... Dad calls it "Casa Verde" because the whole main level is painted different shades of green. They did a wonderful job, they both have great decorating ability...
Here's a picture of Isa in the tub =)

Two More weeks of classes and then finals... Praise God, I'm going to make it through another semester!!!

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