Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sunny-Side Up

Well, it is mid-term week before Spring Break. The perfect time to procrastinate and add more blogs. =)

I've done well on my tests so far... strong B's this semester. There are things I've learned NOT to freak out about since Freshmen year, one of them being B's. I remember calling Mom during my first semester in college, asking her to tell me that it was OK to get a C in Economics. I believe I got an A- in that class...

At the Kane Household, we have had the joy of having Sean, J-T, Nick, and Mike visit us for some amount of time. They have graced us with a great sense of humor, much patience, and much wonderful music. What a great experience... I'll post pictures soon...

Tonight we celebrated Paul's birthday with his parents and the Harris family attending. A good evening of lasagna, cake, and fun....
This is dark, but I couldn't resist.... Paul's face is perfect.

Blowing out the candles with the help of the chilluns.

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