Monday, March 20, 2006

South Bronx... and much more!

The Bronx... what a trip! Everything from the flu, using the fire escape stairs 5x a day, serving the poor, cleaning a lot, Times square on St. Paddy's Day, and yes... van rides... It was a wonderful week... The Lord worked in my life, taught me a few things, gave us great weather, and our group of people was absolutely h'amazing. I am so glad for Spring Break!

Here are a few highlights:

Brother Tobias (aka - Brutha T) and the Brooklyn Bridge...

Before Going out to Manhattan... Timmy, Rosabel, Matt, and Meself

My Kitchen Crew... Debbie and Peter

St. Patrick's Day Parade... thanks Schymanski for taking this picture!

The one and only... Schymanski! I am so honored to be in a picture with her! =)

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  1. Hey there--I just wanted to say hi. Oh, and GO PATRIOTS :)