Monday, March 27, 2006

Cinderella's name is George.


This is Matt, Christine, and Nichole, and I should've been in this... I was there, I promise! We went to the Patriot Center and pretty much screamed the whole time. =) Campus is seriously freaking out. The line for Final Four t-shirts is trailing outside the doors of the Johnson Center, and people are cheering whenever they see a basketball player... It is exciting.

By the way, tonight's Monday night extravaganza was baked ziti. It was pretty yummy... I need to see what Mom puts in hers though, it wasn't as good as I remember. =)

It's off to more books... even though President Merten said to be "lenient" on attendence today... what a funny idea...

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  1. Cinderella's name is George??? Did I miss something?!?

    Hey, nice BLOG and congrats on the job offer. LOVE YA!