Monday, February 27, 2006

Normal surroundings in silence make them abnormal. Especially at the Kane's.

This is my beautiful godson, Sean. Isn't he cute?!

So, life continues to be busy. I have an investment finance exam on Thursday, followed up by a science midterm and a management information systems test next week. And then- Spring Break in the Bronx! I can't wait to spend the week with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. It looks like God is going to do amazing things, and I'm excited.

This morning, Doro and I were walking to the Johnson Center and it started flurrying. I am in awe of my God. He blesses me in so many ways, I can hardly keep track.

I'm sitting alone in the house... the guests are gone for dinner and the Kane's are visiting Amish Country. (Go figure.) It is odd to sit in the living room, usually filled with the chaos of 11 people in one house, and have my little mac be the only source of noise. It reminds me that I really do LOVE being household. I am often overwhelmed by all the people, but, I must say, I thrive on it. I love what God has given me. This is for sure.

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  1. Mary, that is the WAY CUTEST Picture of SEAN! WOW! Nice Blog... remind us to visit it when you udpdate it!

    We just have to be proud of the red hair.. it's what makes us different from 98 percent of the world.. well, there are MANY things which make us different than 98 % of the world.. but, hey, our hair is a big one! :)