Saturday, February 18, 2006

Long Overdue

My sister Melanie made fun of me this week for my pathetic blog. She said, "Mary... Fall has been waning, and waning, and waning..." Sadly, I must admit to you that yes, it is February, and my blog was last updated in the fall.

Christmas was eventful for me. I went to Michigan for a week to visit Kate's family...
Here are all FIVE boys =)
Francis, Liam, Seamus, and Patrick


I then drove with her family to New York to see the family... both sides:
This is my Grandma Seale with her Great-Grandchildren that were present.

This is (L-R): Uncle Tom, Seamus, Francis, Scott, Mike, myself, Christina, and Robert... Mom's side of the family =)

Here are a few more pictures to give you a highlight of January...

Nichole and I at the Focus Conference, with NYC behind us...

The Service Team Retreat... Eating out for dinner, serious FP style...

Seeing Chris Tomlin with the h'amazing Emily Dahlkamp...

Celebrating my 21st with the People of Praise ladies... and...

The family... here is Genevieve Kane and Isabel Reyes (my niece)

This semester is going to be a tough one. My responsibilities keep increasing, and my life is very busy with the variety "blue plate special" that God has put in front of me. I am grateful for all I have to do, but also need to pinch myself and remember to breathe. I'm in a jumble of Business classes. Finance, Accounting, and MIS, followed by a nice side of Honors science... ick.

It has been a busy time as well for our family. Melanie's family moved here in December, Grandma Seale just moved down and is living near Wegman's, and Bethanne's family moves sometime after school is out! I am excited to have them in my "everyday" life again!

Here's signing off and hoping that it won't be another few months before I post... =)

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