Tuesday, August 09, 2005

August 9th. I have 2 weeks of work left and I'm out of book suggestions. Work has been so uneventful that yesterday I actually started reading the Notebook, and finished. Nannying has been quite uneventful, as you can tell. But, after nannying ends, I move into the Kane's house, go on the CCM Core Retreat, plan and execute the Freshmen Move-In, the Freshmen party, and then classes start! I am excited. I will expect the Lord to do great things in my life this year!!

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  1. Kristin4:28 PM

    i've got a book suggestion for ya! i don't know if you've read this one but i just finished reading "christian courtship in an oversexed world: aguide for catholics" by t.g. morrow, and i was thoroughly impressed! i don't really like informative books of that nature, but it's the new craze book at school so i figured i'd try it out, and it was really good! i enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot about dating and the sacrament of marriage. and i'll be sure to send you my info before i head off to europe!