Friday, December 19, 2014

Take 130

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
This year we went for a smaller Christmas tree than usual...
And I think it's quite cute.
--- 2 ---
Remember all the snow we had in November?
It even started on Halloween!

Well... December has been downright balmy and 
lovely weather for strolls around the neighborhood. 
Dreams of a white Christmas are... melting away.
--- 3 ---
Thanks to Sheila for sending this along.
It's a great encouragement for the beginning of the last week of Advent!
--- 4 ---
I've found myself on multiple occasions thinking,
"QUICK! Brian's out of the house! Play Amy Grant Christmas Music!"

And, I wasn't unfounded in that behavior, because just this week,
he happened upon the dining room when one of her songs was playing...
And... I was right to keep the fun all to myself.
--- 5 ---
I've had a very dry patch of skin on my hands and in an effort to finally heal it, 
I've started using cleaning gloves while I'm doing dishes.

I must say that I'm shocked with how much I must clean by "feel".

I seem to be needing to relearn how to wash dishes without the sense of touch.
--- 6 ---
Thanks to Facebook, I discovered that Pope Francis had a birthday this week.
The funny thing is, I feel like he's had four birthdays in the past 6 months...
According to Facebook posts.
Am I going crazy?
Or has anyone else experienced this?
--- 7 ---
Happy Friday from both a happy and an unhappy tree chooser.

Thanks for hosting, Kelly!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Take 129

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Thanks so much for everyone who's already been praying for my Mama.
If you want to follow along, we've begun a blog for her here
She is currently in the hospital receiving antibiotics for the flu, 
so please pray for quick healing.
--- 2 ---
In an effort to get some videos of George off my phone and to you, 
I've decided to share a few today.

Ok, Ok, it's also an easy "Quick Take" for this week. :)

George just loves the AppleTV slideshow feature.
And, we enjoyed the soundtrack to Home Alone at the same time.
--- 3 ---
Here's a snapshot of what it looks like every night with George:
 All. Boy.
--- 4 ---
Also, I trust he's teething...
 Because we really do feed him.
AND, he eats a lot!
--- 5 ---
I didn't really intend to take this video...
But, it cracks me up every time.
 It's torture when your Mama gets you ready for the outside.
--- 6 ---
We're looking forward to a dinner with family and friends tonight!
NYTimes Artisan bread, here I come! It's been a while since I've baked it...
But it's SOOO good!
--- 7 ---
Happy Friday to you and to us.
Three day weekends during Advent are very helpful for getting ready for Christmas, cleaning the house, preparing to see family and friends and having a little extra time to do things like read books to George... It's a wonderful life.

Thanks for hosting, Kelly.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Take 128

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Thanks so much for everyone who's already been praying for my Mama, Pam, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm so proud of her courage and God-filled attitude.

Feel free to pray for her as she began chemo this week.
Love you, Mama!
--- 2 ---
We spent a lovely weekend in Indianapolis visiting with her and my family.
I was reminded, thanks to my New York family, of this awesome tourist tips video:
Please enjoy.
--- 3 ---
Also in Indianapolis, Mom and Dad exposed me to...
(Drumroll please)
Donut Chocolates
--- 4 ---
Well, we're getting our Christmas tree this weekend!
We've done this every year with Brian's parents and sister, Mairin, 
and it's always been very fun!

The UN-fun part of this project is attempting to make the tree fit in the living room without removing any of the furniture... Each year (ok- only two so far- hah!) it's a big hassle.

This is what I did last year:
I become more like my Mama with each year... :) Hooray!
(Now we need to just alter this plan based on furniture changes we've made in the past year!)
--- 5 ---
My wonderful in-laws got this mailing delivered to their house:

I picked it up and chuckled. 
YES! That's it! I'm cleaning my house and I'm the WRONG person!
So glad they told me!
Clearly, I'm not the target market of house-cleaning companies.
--- 6 ---
When I received my new (and FREE!) iPhone 5s, I received a free case.
I'll admit it, I hate this case. It's got no "grip" material, so when I put it on a book on my lap, it'd slide down toward me. If I was wearing gloves, it'd slip, slip, slip.
BUT! Replacing things I already have isn't really a luxury I can afford,
so I was determined to be grateful and satisfied.

Then! My friend got a new iPhone and gave me her case.
It's grippy and thin, just like I would've hoped for.
She and the Lord are very good to me.
Unnecessary gift. So grateful.
--- 7 ---
I just finished reading "The Power of a Praying Life" by Omartian this morning.
It was a great book! And, in light of QuickTake #1, the timing of the book was perfect.
There was a lot in there about trusting in the Lord, his healing power and all sorts of things, but (not surprisingly), her section on perfectionism struck home. She essentially says that while order is necessary for perfectionists to function well, perfectionism is a goal that will make both you and those around you dissatisfied and unhappy.

Good reminder. Especially during Advent and Christmas-time, where expectations, traditions and hopes of the perfectionist (ME) run quite high! :)

PSA: Jen Fulwiler has passed the baton and Kelly is the new host of the Quick Takes.
We'll miss you, Jen!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Take 127

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Two years ago, I gave you this post on Christmas music.
I feel like it's worth sharing it again.
Because we can now listen to Christmas music!
If you're me. And maybe you.
--- 2 ---
We had a fabulous Thanksgiving!
Thanks to Brian's parents for hosting and for all of the extended C. family and the wonderful company and food they provided! It did not disappoint.
--- 3 ---
Thanks to the privilege of a few dishes at Beth and Brian's...
I have decided that all kitchen sinks should have a heat vent coming out of the floor board under the sink. Seriously the best reward ever for doing dishes.
Warm toes.
--- 4 ---
I'd like to share this baby product.
I'll admit that the seams are a bit weak between the pant legs,
but I LOVE not having George's little calves exposed to the bitter cold weather.
His pants and socks typically get separated... but NO more.
--- 5 ---
George's new shipment of disposible diapers, which we use at night,
have a very strong "baby powder" smell.
Oddly, this brings me back to 1990's baby dolls.
For some reason, I think some of them had smelly plastic.
Anyone else remember this?
--- 6 ---
We discussed Thanksgiving plans with a group of friends of mine recently and a friend shared that every year their family serves Thanksgiving dinner to those who have no where to go or are otherwise homeless (from what I understood) and then they have their own dinner on Friday every year. I was so delighted by this. It's awesome.
--- 7 ---
Brian and I sat in the kitchen preparing for Thanksgiving on Wednesday evening and I had been really working hard to solve the fact that I was supposed to cook my frozen apple pie without thawing it... But it was in glass! So, I certainly couldn't move the glass pan directly from the freezer into a 350 degree oven... 

I firmly resolved to attempt to "Pop" this pie out of it's pan. (Crazy, right?)
As I held on tight and Brian "knocked" on the bottom, after separating the scalloped edge, we watched, waited and prayed...

And it worked! I was dumbfounded.
And we had an historic high-five and I yelped a glad yell just loud enough to worry about waking my sweet babe... Thankfully, he remained asleep.

I transferred the frozen pie to a room temperature pan (in parchment paper!) and kept it in the freezer until the next morning... when I transferred it back to a room temperature pan before baking it. Success!