Friday, April 28, 2017

Take 244

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
It's the last week of classes for Brian! Say what?! I know, right. Brian: Killing it at Harvard. In honor of this final day of classes, here's a fun video featuring so many new and wonderful friends we've been blessed with this past year:
--- 2 ---
This Sunday at church, George turned around in the pew, sized up our diaper bag, and then stuck his head in to find something... All the way in. Just like Mary Poppins
All the giggles.
--- 3 ---
Virginia introduced an entirely new concept in our house:

"The kitchen is closed."

She said that to our kids and now G occasionally asks, "Is the kitchen open?" and I want to kiss him for not assuming he can have food at any hour. Plus, it's ridiculously cute.
--- 4 ---
Rowan is talking. It seems like everyday a new garbled sound is deciphered into something we realize she's trying to say to us. She loves to drink, "Mudt" (Milk). Last night she watched an "Oby" (Movie). Despite these almost unintelligible words, she can--clear as day--say, "Ooooh yeah!" in the right upbeat, "Isn't that awesome?!" tone. It's so impressive and completely hilarious.
--- 5 ---
Looking for a vegan recipe that packs a punch? We enjoyed this dinner this week. (Be warned, that garlic sauce... it packs a punch.) We loved this recipe! 
--- 6 ---
I had a banner (not sarcastic) week in shoe shopping. I landed these boots for $100 and these sandals for $70. 
--- 7 ---
Brian and I went to a restaurant this past weekend that had an actual changing table in the women's room. It was awesome. (Not sad that we didn't have kids with us, though. I wouldn't go that far.)

Happy Friday!

Oh, and you wanted a photo? Sure.
This girl. And that hair.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

March Captures

I'm kind of settling in to a nice routine of sharing photos once per month... You don't mind, do you?
I can't count the number of photos I've taken of this view... but I can't help myself. 
I always come back for more.
 Esplanade on the Charles River

 Copley Square pigeons
Amazing tulips!

Oh, and I got to participate in a portrait workshop this past month... Using lights and a back drop is not something that I'm comfortable with, but I got a couple of fun photos... Including this one:
And yes. That one eye does squint, thankyouverymuch. And yes. I did take this photo myself with my remote trigger. Pretty cool. [And yes. That was as awkward as it sounds.]

I hope you're having a great start to your week! Last night I did four loads of laundry! Tonight? I'm eating ice cream. Heck yes.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Take 243

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Is life hard? Undeniably. Need some encouragement? Watch this video:
Thanks for sharing it, Sarah!
--- 2 ---
And if life is hard, do what I do... Bake. Hah. Or, maybe cook. I enjoyed this article that visually displays what 2,000 calories looks like--which is a full day's calorie intake. Main takeaway? Stop eating out and start cooking.
--- 3 ---
I would like to say that I will happily drop a whole drawer of utensils into the dishwasher every night because it buys me so many happy quiet minutes with Rowan:
Yes, I give her one tablespoon of water at a time in a small medicine cup. She could do this for hours.
--- 4 ---
Spring is slowly breaking out here and we had our first evening of watching thunderstorms together out our big living room window... I hope for many more evenings like that! So fun.
--- 5 ---
Please please please tell me of all the laundry tragedies you have had. I cannot believe how often I am feeling that sinking feeling of another piece of clothing stained... My new pink sweater was the newest victim... blue dye... from what?! God only knows. Argh. Why does no one talk about this?? Are we the only family?!
--- 6 ---
I posted this photo on Tuesday on another post... But I feel obliged to tell you: they were planted already in bloom. You read that right. They were blooming when they were planted.  
My tulips never looked this full... And really, theirs didn't either. Cheaters.
--- 7 ---
We had a nice Easter and yes--George spoke very loudly (not quite a scream) in church about Jesus dying on the cross. That means we won, right? I mean, he could've yelled about jelly beans...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


"Mama!" he yell whispered, walking into our room in the darkness of the 5 a.m. hour... "What's in the living room?!" He crawled into bed next to me, looked me square in the eyes and said, "I think it's jelly beans!" (Yes. I made him go back to bed.)

Never mind the absence of baskets (2016 purge, thank you very much)--there were jelly beans! I watched as my toddlers stood in disbelief around a coffee table with a bowl of candy at their eye level. Dreams were coming true as there were zero reprimands as they consumed candy prior to any other food touching their lips that morning.

I have been sipping my coffee with sugar each morning, aware of the Resurrection with each sip at the start of my day--not a bad way to sacrifice and then feel the party.

We had a lovely weekend filled with family, new friends, and old friends, too. I sat around a table of more than 15 people for brunch, aware of what a wild year it's been. Grad school has been good to us, but mostly, people have been good to us. At the beginning of the year, it'd be hard to believe that among Brian's cohort would be so many friends... including special ones that our children would declare "Uncle". 

There are so many things to be grateful for! It's just another reminder to lean into each season... Here we are, in a completely different season than we were one year ago, and soaking up all that is glorious about this particular season...

Happy Easter!