Friday, August 29, 2014

Take 115

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Remember coffee klatsching? This week was full of it! 
And it's not even over, yet! I've been trying to get more of it in after a summer of a little extra work which equaled not a lot of seeing of other mamas.
TJ and George, checkin' each other out at Kids' Group last week.
--- 2 ---
Some sunscreen news that my Dad sent along to his beautifully freckled daughters.
The three redheads in this household use it a. lot.
In fact, I plan to buy three bottles at the end of season sales this week...
A bottle for the diaper bag, one for the house, one for the car... you know.
--- 3 ---
Football season starts tomorrow! 
(That's if you don't already consider it started. We've already watched a preseason game.)

Thanks to this being my 3rd year of a married football season, I've gotten wise(r).
All of the Notre Dame games are on our shared calendar.
I will not be surprised by 4 hour chunks of time every Saturday.
And this year, we have George to enjoy it with us! 
AND, I won't be studying for the Series 7!
--- 4 ---
We have an unbelievable crop of cayenne peppers from our garden this year.
So I asked Google... What does one does one do with all of them?
And then I realized we use ground cayenne pepper in our house all the time!

Now I just need to decide if grinding them in our coffee grinder is an option...
Umm, no. Spicy coffee, anyone?
Still trying to solve that one...
--- 5 ---
At the end of each work day, I've been putting our office mail into the UPS box.
It's a drive-through lane.
It's impossible for me to deposit anything into the box without getting out of my car.
So it ends up being this delicate balance between an open car door, an open UPS box door and my head... The last of which has been hit several times...

Why isn't the box closer to the curb??
--- 6 ---
We have a new restaurant in Granger!
Rocky River Tab and Table
I'm excited to try out a "Farm to Fork" restaurant in town.
 We don't have a lot of them... Anyone been there? Is it good?
--- 7 ---
Thanks, Kristin E. for this... 
It made my week!
(And I hadn't ever heard of Alice Babs!)

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Month Seven

Things I love about George 
in the season of month seven:

-I tried to give you solid food... but I chickened out! (heh. Sorry.) You want food, but nursing is also working just fine. Your thunder thighs prove that I'm not starving you.
-Your "words" are "ba" and "ma". You don't really mean to say Mama... but you do. It's cute.
-Your lungs also work marvelously. You can out scream practically anyone!
-You became a world traveler this month! The airplane didn't bother your ears... 
and seemed to help in other departments... 
(Hello two dirty diapers... on the way there and the way home!)
-You started taking pacifiers this month, just in time for our plane rides. 
You now use them every time you go to bed.
-You had your first bath in the big tub (while sitting in the toddler tub). It was our first official "bath time" where you played with little squeeze toys and splashed around. 
I'm pretty sure we both enjoyed it! And you came out squeaky clean!
-You're almost crawling! You can get to that toy, but it takes you quite some time.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Take 114

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Brian has been sick. This is the news. It's been the news for quite some time, now, which is really too bad. (Side note: Hooray! Today is the first day without a fever in 13 days!) 
One thing we've discovered is the relief of Tylenol PM. 
Brian was having trouble sleeping, and now he isn't.

The problem is, I'd like to rename Tylenol PM to be LSCS:
Loss of Subtlety with Cover Sharing.
If Brian needs a change of covers, it happens violently and with much weight.
(You know that feeling of so-tired-I-feel-like-a-brick?)
If I need a change of covers (another inch? or two?), I cannot be subtle. 
I must yank and pull.
--- 2 ---
I have already linked to this post once, but I couldn't resist linking again... This time because I wanted to tell you that Auntie Leila taught me that the dryer is the most expensive appliance you run in your home. More proof here. I have to admit, I do a lot of extra heating wrinkles out when I'm not on time to rescue clothes from the dryer...  
I also often forget to empty the lint trap... (which is also a fire hazard).
And now I'm wondering if we could hang sheets and towels 
on a line in our yard in the good weather months... Who am I becoming??
--- 3 ---
Drink of the summer that we've enjoyed.
--- 4 ---
Favorite Amazon review that I've seen in a while.
(I may or may not have been pining for one of those last week...)
--- 5 ---
If I could go back and do it all over again,
I wouldn't use scour pads on our stove.
It really was a pristine stove when we moved in.
And I cook. And I bake. A lot.
And, in all the messes, I tried to truly get it clean.
But, I honestly just succeeded in scouring away the pretty white finish 
so that stains are basically always there... And I certainly regret it.
--- 6 ---
This week I went through my entire "Too small for me" clothes box. This box was not small. I'm very happy to say that the "too small for me" box has become much smaller! And, it's like I have an entirely new wardrobe! 7 months postpartum, you're my favorite!
--- 7 ---
Yesterday I clicked on the "Popular" button on Grooveshark.
About 10 songs in, it played me "In the End" by Linkin Park.
Say what?!
Hello, high school.

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Take 113

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Lisa shared this video this week...

Pretty fun, eh?
--- 2 ---
Another thing to share...
I wait with bated breath every month for this blog's post.
I like thinking about our family home through that lens...
Seeing the fun/funny in the every-day world of kids.
--- 3 ---
I've been enjoying these Easy Fridge Dill Pickles all week...
 Smitten Kitchen wins again!
--- 4 ---
Thanks, Auntie Leila, for the encouragement!
I especially liked the idea of the apron because I work 4 afternoons a week and am often trying to protect my work clothes, while still wanting to enjoy the messy parts of motherhood right up to 11:45, when I leave the house.

AND, I never got to thank my sister Melanie for the fabuloso apron...
So, it's perfect!
--- 5 ---
Apparently, it's all about the links this week.
I made these banana blueberry muffins this week.
I intended to make them and share with some of our new neighbors.
For a good three minutes, I considered making a batch of cookies so I could keep the muffins... Don't worry, I chose generosity. ;)
--- 6 ---
Did you know that Warsaw, Indiana, population 13,000, 
produces 97% of the world's orthopaedic devices?
Thank you to the Non Book Club for that tidbit!
--- 7 ---
Brian sold his table! Congratulations, Love!
Looking for a wine rack? A fun gift for a newly married couple?
Here's his etsy listing.

Thanks for hosting, Jen!