Friday, March 24, 2017

Take 240

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
We went to DC this week and I had the pleasure of going out to dinner sans kids... I took the metro and was shocked. The DC metro is a total dead-zone between stops. It was crazy! Absolutely no service.
--- 2 ---
Also, I totally forgot that DC has the craziest escalators. They're epic.
Yes. I walked the whole way up the steps of Dupont Circle's station. Yes, my throat/heart had that burning sensation like I just exercised for 30 minutes. Definitely embarrassing. 
--- 3 ---
I went to the library with my kids a few weeks ago, and they had a children's activity going on in the children's section... they were watching TV. (Seriously. I'm hoping it was the concluding part of an actually interactive event.) Then, when we were in DC we went to the (very cool!) Natural History Museum and darn it all if I had to pry my son away from every television screen that was strategically placed at his eye level. Eye ROLL.
--- 4 ---
I realized that thanks to our first born being a lefty, I almost always put food, utensils, cups, etc. in Rowan's left hand. Hah. Poor thing... she's probably so confused.
--- 5 ---
We were talking about how cool Pope Francis was last night when I realized...

The Pope has twitter. 
I don't have twitter. 
I'm behind, yo.
--- 6 ---
I can't believe that we purchased a bottle of Tylenol that had no child safety feature on it. I thought that was a regulated reality for all medicines! Apparently not. 
--- 7 ---
People. I'm starting to scare myself. Several times this week I was sitting at my desk dying of laughter with coworkers over jokes that only mutual fund employees would find funny. I feel like there was some magic 3.5 years in the industry mark and suddenly... I find ridiculous joy out of poking fun at dividends/successor trustees/applications/trades. I think I'll just take it as a sign that I'm really starting to get my head around the work.... Right? Right.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break 2017

We did it! We made it to Spring Break!

We packed up and loaded our family of four into our car and headed to DC. I seriously have never seen our car so empty on a road trip. I guess when the youngest hits 19 months, there's just a lot less gear to cart around. We only had to bring one size of diapers, too! Luxury.

It was a quick excursion and the kids did beautifully. I found myself wondering how to get the kids "nature" and "active" time during our road trip... Sharing the green space with dog you-know-what at a rest stop is not exactly my idea of perfect... but we survived.  

Our kids went over 3 hours in the car without needing one toy. I think we did snacks in that time, but I was shocked. Additionally, we didn't do any screen time until the last hour of the ride home. Amazing. 

Speaking of screen time... Half of the time I spent gearing up to go was spent trying to download the shows. I dumped literally half of my apps... and I can't remember what I deleted, either! In other news, our internet stinks. Hah! Sooooo slow.

We spent one morning doing the sightseeing-tourist-thing and besides enjoying field trip day for the entire metro area grade schools, we enjoyed watching George and Rowan enjoy the Natural History Museum. 

We spent some time with our friends before their baby arrives, enjoyed good food, good wine and grew in friendship. It was a lovely hiatus from the normal and I'm so grateful for their hospitality. I hope that lots of hospitality is in our future--both giving and taking. It is such a gift.

And you know... what IS vacation without golf? Inconceivable.

We made it home and life is gearing up for the second half of Brian's last semester at Harvard... We rolled into the apartment about 7:45 pm on Sunday evening and after about 30 minutes of a show, George took a deep breath and said, "Can I go to bed, now?"

...And then he slept in until 10 am the next morning! We were all good and tired... and happy. 

Happy Spring to you! Hope you're enjoying mud puddles and warmer temperatures! And thanks to our friends who hosted us. We love you to bits and pieces.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Take 239

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
We transitioned our kids 15 minutes per day for four days for daylight savings... And it worked. The first day of the time change, the kids were up at 7 am and went down for naps at 1. It was a parenting win.
--- 2 ---
I did it! I said I'd do it and I did it! In all hilarity, though, I said to Grandmommy, "I finally figured out how to make sugar cookie icing that hardens!" And she finished my sentence... egg whites! Oh. I guess it wasn't a huge secret! Hah. But, I did it!
--- 3 ---
I walked in the kitchen and found this:
I was totally impressed. (And gosh, I assume it wasn't Rowan. But no one confessed! hah!)
--- 4 ---
We all went and enjoyed a day in nature... And then the next day, after naps, George sat down next to me and there was a tick crawling around in his hair. Did I mention he naps in our bed?!

As I'm known to say thanks to people I love, "Nature. It'll kill ya."
--- 5 ---
Ever since I upgraded to one of the new operating systems for my iPhone, I have been unable to get my albums on iTunes to play without shuffle. Drove me crazy. Well, I figured it out. On the music playing screen, scroll down and you'll see the shuffle option to toggle on or off... YES!
--- 6 ---
I read this book with the kids this week. 
I hate to break it to you, Big Blue Bill... But you're purple. 
--- 7 ---
Sometimes at the end of the day, I'm the winner, and we chip in and gather everything in the house that belongs in their room (which currently is ALL of their toys) and put it in front of the kids' door where they're sleeping. And then we get a pretty impressive pile. And it always leaves our living room and bedroom looking... un-kid-ified. And I love it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Spiral

I put this out there in a kind of hopeful confidence that I'm not alone. The evening starts with... an open door. My coat isn't off and the kids are whining... I know because I can hear it from the stairwell on the first floor. (We live on the third floor.) As I walk in, I realize that it's one of those moments where everyone is aware that we have all been giving all for ... well, a whole day.

But the littles are... little. The 5:45 hour is called witching and happy hour for a reason. 

And yesterday? It was a spiral. I didn't even start out at a very good spot, but my patience ran thin and my voice was tense and dishes piled high and the clothes were everywhere and and and and... Spiral. I never did quite rebound. 

But... I lay in bed last night thinking about an encouragement from another Mama who said to get face to face and apologize to my child and start over. So, that's what I did. And you know what? Today was better. There wasn't a spiral. And yes, the circumstances of yesterday were harder. Today I went home early because of a snow storm, but I'll still take it. It was a non-spiral night. And me and my kiddos needed that after last night. The love runs thick and tonight was not a spiral night. 

I know that wasn't my last spiral night. And you know what? I feel pretty un-self-aware. I had no idea how to stop the spiral and get it back in gear... I just struggled through until they were all in bed, crawling to my own bed in a bit of defeat. So, any tips you have for getting out of the witching hour and conquering as the happy hour... I'll take it! Comment below, text me, or heck. Just pray for me. :)

Happy Tuesday--hope you're staying warm! We had a pretty slushy mess outside today!