Friday, February 05, 2016

Take 183

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I'm 31! And my husband bought me new Corelle dishes! HIP HIP! HOORAY! (Note: our dishes were so chipped that microwaving them made the plates overheat and left the food cold so that you burned your hands on the dish and didn't enjoy the food. So glad to move on from them.) In other news, the dishes take up so much less space in my cabinets that I've moved a bunch of shelves so that I can reach everything better. Win Win.
 --- 2 ---
For my birthday, Brian and I went to Bonefish Grill and enjoyed a long, peaceful meal together. No children. No dishes. And cocktails. And even a quick game of speed scrabble over dessert--which was enjoyed over fresh donuts with fresh whipped cream. And at Bonefish Grill, when you celebrate something with them, the manager comes over and wishes you well, and then hands you a box of chocolates. So awesome.
And, the chocolates were large discs... They were beautiful!
--- 3 ---
We celebrated these three this week! These three were all born within 10 days of each other! We love the dynamic trio of George, Reid and Titus. Happy Birthday, boys.
Last year:

--- 4 ---
This Sunday at church, when we finished singing one of the opening songs, the whole church got quiet, and George yelled, 
--- 5 ---
"Are you using my Jerome Biblical Commentary for a yoga block?!?" 
--- 6 ---
Lent is coming! I enjoyed this post as I start to decide how I'm going to fast during the Lenten season, though I promise we plan to continue to use all of our electricity. haha.
--- 7 ---
One of the surprises of Lent for me is not cooking meatless dinners, but having meatless leftover lunch options, since we eat leftovers for our lunches... It's always important to eat a meal that we can separate out meat from the night before... 

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Two Languages

Thanks to my husband, we are a bilingual household. About 80% of what Brian says to George is in Spanish. He took a bit of Spanish in school and then spent several years teaching it at Trinity School at Greenlawn. About 90% of what I say to George is in English, because it's my only language! I use Spanish phrases here and there and believe me, whether it's one phrase between George and me or a whole paragraph between Brian and George, if we're in public, we are a sight to behold... Being... well... Look at us:

In the beginning, it wasn't hard to follow as neither of us were saying anything more complicated than "Look! Mira!" or "Good Throw! Buen Tiro!" or simply identifying animals. But, George is two now, and we're definitely entering a phase where I'm tempted to frustrate after a long sentence or paragraph communicates something that I can't quite follow. I know that it will expand my own use of Spanish, which I'm very grateful for. I'm happy to learn more and maybe at some point I'll attempt to reinforce what I'm hearing with some more of the "book" side of it.

The thing that really delights me is just how often we find ourselves in a situation where he uses his Spanish. In fact, a good number of people we love dearly in town only speak Spanish. They report back to me that his Spanish is very good. "The only thing he can do to improve is to be immersed in a Spanish speaking culture." He's awesome. I'm positive that he'll continue to find ways to use it, and I'm proud that he's worked at making it a part of our life.

And, of course, having a bit of Spanish in our life leads to great moments like this:

Friday, January 29, 2016

Take 182

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
George had a birthday! Three (or two??) cheers for his godfather, Uncle Sean, who made him a "Pooh bear" lamp!
 --- 2 ---
Hop on Pop! (I know it's blurry... but it's fun) :)
--- 3 ---
I believe in fabric bandaids. I accidentally bought plastic bandaids this time. The. Worst.
--- 4 ---
I have been trying to do all the same things for Rowan that I did for George. To that end, I've been taking weekly photos of Rowan. It does not feel like much changes in a week, but after a long time, it becomes very apparent how much growth is happening:

Of course, she has always looked healthy. haha. And yes, George was her fashion consultant in the below photo.
--- 5 ---
My sister is visiting this weekend!! Hooray for wonderful sisters!!!
--- 6 ---
I'm starting my 32nd year of life tomorrow. I'm tempted to make a list of dreams. Have you ever done this? I really liked Anna's 30 before 30 list... and maybe I'll come up with something similar tomorrow. (Nota Bene: I made a "Before the end of the year" list in December. That blanket is still not done. Maybe I'll finish it this year?!?)
--- 7 ---
Camp Patton is back! Stop everything you're doing!! Go enjoy the archives, which are BACK.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, George Clement!

This guy:
George Clement!
A fantastic redhead.
Shoot the ball!
Loves order.
Tortilla, egg and salsa fan.
"Hi, Baby Rowan!"
Everything needs to go back where it came from.
Sriracha? Sometimes!
 Justin Timberlake fan. "Dance! Wall!"
Dancing in the kitchen.
Cautious adventurer.
Knows how to FaceTime from my phone.
Our lefty
Loves his family-all of them!
George at One!