Friday, October 31, 2014

Take 123

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
We have another bar recipe!
I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of the Scotcheroo...
Thanks to Brian's cousin, Bonnie!
--- 2 ---
Speaking of baking... I had some apples and wanted to try out my Aunt Laurie's pie crust recipe! (Well, I believe it's from Chris P. in NY...) So, I made an apple pie and froze that baby (unbaked) for Thanksgiving!
It's the happiest I've ever been when rolling out a pie crust.
The secret? Egg. And no, it didn't crack in 800 places as I put it in the pie pan.
I can't wait to eat it!
--- 3 ---
When one has a hand drying towel and a clean dishes drying towel,
which towel do you use to dry the outside of a washed apple?
--- 4 ---
Apparently, it's all kitchen this week.
Remember all of my green tomatoes?
Check out the success of my brown paper bag ripening!
 Not bad, folks. There are a lot of them!
--- 5 ---
I took a fun 24 hour trip to Michigan this past weekend!
I got to see my sisters Katie and Melanie-it was fun!

While I was road tripping, I was constantly disappointed when 
Admiral Gas Stations 
 weren't sbarros restaurants.
One track mind for thin pizza? Probably guilty.
--- 6 ---
When I was in Michigan, Melanie shared an old Costa Rican saying with me:
Whoever spills their beer surely hates their mother.
New favorite.
(Joe and Sarah- this is especially for you.)
--- 7 ---
Happy All Saints Eve and Halloween!
   Thanks for hosting, Jen!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Month Nine

Things I love about George 
in the season of month nine:

-You are so mobile! You've started to crawl from room to room.
-You love to stand up on furniture and smack it with your hands.
-You've mastered the "getting down" from standing position. You led with your face a few times, but have learned to lead with your (diapered) butt. There's a lot less crying, now!
-When I lay you down to sleep, you roll to your side and mouth your blanket. It's very cute.
-You LOVE pickles.
-You've started sleeping better--you're up once per night! Last night you slept 
1o hours in a row! A record for you, for sure!   
-You still love to dance. You still hate to get dressed.
-You have four teeth! You also seem destined for the Seale gap. :)
-You're still very social and don't seem to have any separation anxiety. This is nice.
-You love it when Papa comes home. Lots of muscle tightening and loud growls and yells for his arrival. It's fun to watch.   

Friday, October 24, 2014

Take 122

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
We had a great visit in Indy!
A fun trip to a local art exhibit... This was cool!

We were sorry that my Mom had to jet to NY to take care of my Grandma and her broken arm, but also grateful that she was able to do that and serve her.
We soldiered on, but we missed her!
 We had one fun evening together before she hit the skies!
--- 2 ---
Another highlight of the weekend, was having a bit of the C. family gathering!
Sean came over to watch the ND game, we heated up fried chicken (wow, so good) 
and even got to video chat with Uncle Patrick! What a treat!
(Love those big C. smiles)
--- 3 ---
One treat of being in my parents house is that even though it's not the 
place of my growing up, it still has pieces that remind me of my childhood days...
--- 4 ---
It'll likely be hard to relay this conversation to you, but on Sunday evening this past week, Brian says, "Peyton Manning is going to break a quarterback record. Do you have a guess as to whose record he will beat?" 
I say, "Umm, the guy from Wisconsin who has a french name 
that we all pronounce incorrectly?" 

Brian looks at me very confused.
"It's Brett Favre."
"Right!" Says I. That's what I said.
Hah. We both laughed.
And then I felt proud for sort of knowing the answer!
I'm learning my football trivia one season at a time :)
--- 5 ---
I don't know if you feel this way, but I put ice in my water glass every time. 
Two cubes.
And I always pitch the bottom of the water glass due to the white flakes.
I just can't swallow those. Even though I know they're in the water anyway.
Irrational, but definitely how I function.
--- 6 ---
Remember how I've become a Craigslist watcher?
Well, when we were in Indy this weekend, I was excited about the "better market"
than South Bend Craigslist and took a gander...

We now have two (almost perfectly sized) room darkening shades!
For $20! (It could've been $10 if I hadn't misunderstood the posting. hah.)
Thanks to the cold I'm fighting, I'll be enjoying those puppies today!
--- 7 ---
I've been thinking about sharing bits and pieces from books that I've been reading, 
so here's my first go at it:
"Whether in solitude or community, whether alone or with others, we are called to live obedient lives, that is, lives of unceasing prayer— “unceasing” not because of the many prayers we say but because of our alertness to the unceasing prayer of God’s Spirit within and among us." -Henri Nouwen (Making All Things New)

 Thanks for hosting, Jen!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Take 121

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Public Service Announcement:
Do NOT use Mountain Air Duct Services.
It's a long story, which I'll gladly tell anyone who will listen.
But, I'll leave you with just a tidbit or two:
They stood me up three times.

And no, it wasn't a pleasant experience when the guy finally came. 
"Did you forget to do this vent?"
"It'll be another $10 to clean the back of the grate."
You mean the grate you just ripped off my wall with no regard to the paint or wall?
Yeah. See you later. 
--- 2 ---
Brian completed another soccer season!
I got to go to some of his last game on Wednesday and was again struck with how he coached each position and boy with excitement and lots of knowledge. 
They were getting actual coaching on the field as the game was happening.
 I'm very proud of him.
--- 3 ---
Our garden yielded a LOT of green tomatoes.

Why did they never turn red??
I want to figure this out before another year of gardening.
--- 4 ---
Have I ever told you that my sister, Bethanne, is hilarious?

--- 5 ---
So, remember how I went to a PT for carpel tunnel?
Well, it turns out that the nerves in my arm and elbow are like garden hoses.
And, they can get knotted up and kinked like a hose and cause problems.
Well, my "funny bone" nerve is a sensitive one.
Which totally validates my experiences since college, when I passed out due to a funny bone incident... It would've been funny, except it wasn't.
But at least I got a new smile out of it. 
I am still constantly hitting my funny bone. And now I know why.
And it's related to carpel tunnel.
It's a knotted up garden hose in my arm! hah.

The human body is an unbelievably connected and amazing thing.
--- 6 ---
Apparently, that new smile I got...
Well, root canals can go wrong.
(Isn't the tooth dead and the nerve gone? What else can go wrong?!)
10 years later and it's been recommended that I see a specialist about it.
10 years. 
It's a nice smile, but that dentist put the fear of God in me.
--- 7 ---
Brian and I have concluded that if George saw an iPhone at the other end of a football field, he would determinedly crawl all 100 yards. Quickly.

 Thanks for hosting, Jen!