Friday, September 23, 2016

Take 215

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I found another grocery store this week! And I also happened upon this path... It was quite a beautiful little quiet corner because there aren't any cars! Apparently, it is called the Southwest Corridor Park. And it connects to a bike path! Pretty cool!
--- 2 ---
I ate this carrot this week:
I think it looks suspicious. It looks like some factory made it into the shape of a baby carrot by shoving together pieces of carrot. I lived.
--- 3 ---
I've been listening to all of my music on my first generation iPod at work. Thanks to the old version of my iTunes library, I go from Just for now (Imogen Heap) to Cry for Love (Michael W. Smith) to Amadeus (Phoenix) to Look Down (Les Miserables) to Killing Me Softly with His Song (Fugees) to... Yes. Occasionally a Christmas song comes on. But don't worry. I skip it.
--- 4 ---
I read Screwtape Letters again for book club. I still like it and I made notes of things to think about. I enjoyed giving it another go 'round. I believe it was at least 10 years ago when I read it first.
--- 5 ---
We went apple picking! We signed up for the apartment complex family fun day and George got to ride his first school bus! He even slept in it on his way home! :)
--- 6 ---
Also, I can't help but notice the family resemblance:
--- 7 ---
I'm a bit weary this week. It seemed like a long one. But, hey! It's Friday! And I'm wearing jeans. Bring on the weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

City Living

There are things I didn't know about city living prior to our grand adventure. They aren't earth shattering things... they just are. I've been noticing them, watching them change me and how I see the world. And I'll admit it, I kind of relish in them.

The familiar sights of your commuting route becomes a daily comfort. I love the one property that has already begun to smell of rotting autumn leaves and pine, making me even more eager for my corduroy jacket and leather Born boots. I know my commute has taken longer than usual when the pie shop has closed for the night (at 6 pm). And yes, the faces on the train and bus are beginning to look familiar because we are all doing our own routine.

Last week, I sat next to a man on the bus having a job interview. I cheered for him as he politely brought up salary and compensation because... hey. I've been there. And that feeling of nervousness and putting yourself out there is real and I get it. Plus, he's a baker. And that is cool.

I entered the train station a few weeks ago and watched as hundreds of people walked around as usual while the fire alarm was going off. Not even one eye twitch or look to the side by these folks to indicate that something was not quite right. I texted Brian to tell him that if I didn't make it home... the Back Bay station had a fire. Hah. (I made it home.)

Trash day in the city is real. You walk by all the cans, smelling the odor and then, if you're a novice, you jaywalk and end up walking behind the wind tunnel of a large garbage truck... only to be wholly enveloped in that odor. 

The farmer's Market is my weak spot. A 30 minute lunch break is the perfect amount of time to fall in love with the perfect looking produce and to whisk it away for a few dollars to make into caprese salad or Grandma's coleslaw. The only hitch? Carry it home, girl.  

I look forward to continuing to enjoy the small quirks and joys of city living... But especially... Autumn! I took the above photo on a family nature walk at Notre Dame last year, not long after Rowan was born... It seems like years ago! Now I can't wait to see the colors change in my new city!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Take 214

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
It took me seven whole weeks to add value to the company I now work for. (Except for making ice manually from 3 measly ice trays... That's been going on for a while--and is appreciated by many.) Glad to be slowly moving away from training videos.
--- 2 ---
I have been amused by the concept of what I've been calling "The Lazy Photographer". It relates to getting the perfect shot with a camera. It's true that the best shot of my toddler is never going to be taken while I'm in a comfortable position. Try laying down on the pavement, honey. Then you'll finally like your shot. I'm trying to learn to stop being so lazy. Hah. Everyday!
--- 3 ---
Thanks to be on the east coast (and an awesome book from Aunt Melanie on NYC), George officially knows the difference between a rocket and a rockette.  
--- 4 ---
We bought a microwave! We went almost 2 months without one... and that was plenty for me. Apparently, I'd rather risk the ill effects... Give me my heated leftovers (sans burned-to-the-bottom pans)! Oh, and I'm wearing and rice heater packs on my shoulders!

--- 5 ---
I've been reading the second book of the series of, "Call the Midwife". So far it's very different than the first book in the series! Here is a line that I loved:

"They were a bunch of feisty women who had seen it all, lived and loved and suffered throughout, and remained true to their vocation."

Someday, I hope someone will say that about me.  

--- 6 ---
I'm the baby of my family--by 7 years. That means that I spent a lot of time wanting to be just like my sisters. That also means that I spent a large chunk of the 90s listening to Enya. But, I was still 8 in 1993... which means that now when I hear Enya, I close my eyes and see Super Mario on my Super Nintendo... Because I always muted the music from Mario and blared Enya.
--- 7 ---
I'm contributing to the Perkins School for the Blind project: Bus Stop Challenge. Check it out! It's really cool. The first few paragraphs will give you a picture of why it needs to be done. I'm hoping it happens in lots of cities and towns--especially where my nephew Sean lives!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

9 Quick Hashtag Sunday

I had a heck of a day. Yes, I dumpster dove. And then, to top it off, a fruit fly died in my gin and tonic.