Friday, March 27, 2015

Take 142

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I took the "encourage your kids to clean" thing seriously this week and discovered that a cleaning rag does actually keep George entertained. And, much to my surprised, he knew what to do with it! He walked directly over to a wall and starting washing. So proud. I also figured... why stop there? And let him play with the vacuum... After I vacuumed, of course.
Also, Brian taught him about how the end is sucky...

--- 2 ---
My friends over at Real Housekeeping shared the Cookie Hack this week. I was delighted to see this, because I admit to almost always having a ziplock bag full of ready-to-be-baked chocolate chip cookies in my freezer... Because... dessert needs to always be available. (Right, Mom??)  
--- 3 ---
I tend to be a bit on the minimalist side when it comes to decorating. I don't love knick knacks, and I hate dusting knick knacks even more. But, I've kind of run into a dilemma with a couple of shelves at work... There's no direct natural light, so I can't put plants there.
Got any ideas? (Hint: I don't want to store financial text books here.)
--- 4 ---
Have any of you been duped by the automatic replay of Instagram videos? I've seriously had trouble knowing when a video ends because it never stops! hah.
--- 5 ---
Brian's Aunt Beth went to Paris to visit Katherine! Oh, what a sweet adventure. I haven't heard much of the details, yet, but the Instagram photos from Katherine are to die for and... she came home with French hand cream for me! Oh, the sweetness!
--- 6 ---
Jennifer shard this on Facebook yesterday and I'm with her--Jim Bachor, please come to South Bend. We need you! 
--- 7 ---
Bloggers! This is for you! Thanks to this post- which describes a browser hack, I survived a traumatic experience of deleting a long-living draft post that I accidentally deleted! (Someday, I'll even finish it!)

Happy Friday!

PS- Next Friday is Good Friday... I'll skip that day and see you for Easter! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Study Schmudy

Here we are again.
The first time I experienced pregnancy, I also experienced three exams with a new job:
Health and Life Insurance Certification, Series 7 and Series 63.
I'm now half-way (!) through my second pregnancy, and I'm 9 days away from the next exam:
Series 24.

This time around I took the less boot camp route.
I've studied only an hour every day since January.
But, I have a one year old. And I'm tired.

I have 4 more practice finals to go... Yes, that's 11 total finals.
And yes, those scores are... expected. hah.
They say add 15%. I say twist my arm. (I need a 70% to pass.)
At 9 a.m. next Thursday, say a prayer for me.

I'm ready to start gardening in my free time!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Take 141

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
I just cannot resist sharing the absolute best spam blog comment I've ever gotten... Make sure to read all the way through... (And please, share your own with us.)
--- 2 ---
We have begun to be a dancing family! George officially understand the command to dance and almost always readily joins in (unless he's busy doing something else)...

--- 3 ---
My Mom was here last week, and in true Pam fashion, we got served. (Yes, the week before the surgery part of her cancer treatment. Yes, you read that right.) You should see my stove top. It hasn't looked good since... well, we moved in. Also, I had this over zealous idea that we'd stand around and shell chick peas so that we could have ethereally smooth hummus. Let's just say... motherhood duties called me away and my Mom ended up shelling a pound of chick peas. She's the best! And yes, our hummus was ethereal this week!
--- 4 ---
Another note on food: in general, I dislike green peppers. Not because they're on the cheaper end, but because they're acidic. BUT, I sauteed them into sloppy joes this week... and no complaints!
--- 5 ---
I have been following along with little Pete and praying for him and his family! (Feel free to join me!) In other news, I couldn't help but share this post because of two things: 
  1. It's the first time I've heard "Dad and lad selfie". Moment of silence for awesomeness.
  2. A babysitter who has kids cleaning floors while cooking dinner. (Umm, I want to be that kind of mom.)
--- 6 ---
I'll admit it, I'm eagerly planting my garden. Last year, I started square foot gardening. This year, we're adding a box so that we get more variety, planting earlier and I'm even going to try to start some seeds indoor this week... Without any official equipment. (Wish me luck.) I promise to share more on this front later! Suffice it to say, I'm excited!
(Oh, and yes, we broke the bank of Mel's Mix for our box last year, and will likely not use it in the new box this year... and see if there's much of a difference.)
--- 7 ---
I'm again trying to diligently bring out the "Big Camera". (I think maybe it needs a name.) I've been frustrated that a lot of my pictures are not in focus... I'm wondering if that's a sign of an old lens, or the wrong settings? Who knows. Melanie?? hah. But, I leave you this week with:

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Tale of the Dentists

Will you allow me to speak of dentists?
It is Lent...
I'm even tagging this as my first "Dentist" catgory post.
Maybe you'll come back for more, or maybe this will the lone post.
Feel free to vote.

This is me:
To be fair, this was me in 2003. (Twelve years ago. !)

This is also me:
This was me in 2004.

It was during finals week of freshmen year of college that I discovered what "vasovagal" meant. (Mom begged me to show my teeth in this photo. Head nod to the youthful vanity. I wish I had smiled.) I had been showering when I hit my funny bone and was in extreme pain. I got out of the shower and proceeded to pass out... into a tile wall and tile floor. I had a concussion, so when I finally hit floor (mouth first) I was not catching my fall one bit... and I woke up to discover the (very painful) impact that was to change my smile from gap-happy to veneer-happy:
And believe me, I was happy! I had found a (very painful) way to get rid myself of the gap... But I did become very familiar with how unequipped the emergency room doctors were with teeth ("Wow. Is that a nerve I'm seeing?!" Oh my gosh- get out of my mouth.) and very familiar with how grateful I was for modern dentistry fixing my cracked-tooth grin.

Over the past six months, I saw a lot of the dentist. I had a cleaning, three cavities filled and then a small issue on my gum show up near where my root canal from 2004 was. The dentist explained to me that I should probably get that looked at... Well, I had that root canal redone (Yes, that's a thing. It's possible.) and today I had the temporary stuff of the root canal filled with the permanent stuff.

After waiting for 30 minutes in that oh-so-familar chair the dentist leans over and says,
"I wouldn't assume anything about your front teeth. They've seen a lot of trauma."
And suddenly, I felt like I was again being prepared for the next awful thing in my mouth.

This is two days after they inform me that I'm due for another cleaning.

And I realized...

*His boat payment is due.

*[This is a loving reference to my pals Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers.
They knew a lot. And maybe a thing or two about dentists, too.]