Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It just seemed right

A year ago today, we made our way during the work day to see you for the first time. You gave us our first surprise--you were a boy! We were beyond thrilled to call family and friends to tell them the news and how much we already loved you. Of course, I shared it here, too.

Last night, you had trouble settling in to bed. It might've been the first tooth that's popping through, the cooler air of the season moving in, or maybe I was just feeling extra... generous. But, as I sat in your new room, books to our left, crib to the right and the rocker moving back and forth, back and forth, you sat quietly, touching my cheek, sucking on your pacificer, in and out, in and out, it just seemed right. 
Right where I wanted to be. 
Nevermind sleep training.
Cuddles don't last long.
We're so glad you've made us a family.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Month Eight

Things I love about George 
in the season of month eight:

-You're eating! You love bananas and avocados. Plain yogurt? If you must. Pickles? Yes!
-Crawling! Climbing! Pulling! Going! All! Hours! You're! Awake!
-You are just starting to wave. It's fairly inconsistent, but you're figuring it out.
 -You can spend an unbelievable amount of time working on your pincer grasp with small pieces of dirt on the floor... (I need to sweep and vacuum WAY more.)
 -You are soaking everything up. It's a really fun stage!
-In the mornings, you wake up and whisper growl at everything. You also scrunch your nose, which delights me to no end. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Take 118

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
The People of Praise bar baking contest is over!
Thanks, Grandma, for making me a second place winner (of my category)!

If you have a hankerin' for bars, here are:
Sarah N's Chocolate Crunch Brownies,
Pete T's Sweet and Savory Bars,
Kristen S's Iced Pumpkin Cookies (See below for her alternate icing recipe),
And lastly...
my Grandma Ginger's Cookie Jam Squares:
(Doesn't she have fantastic handwriting??)
(If I gather more recipes, I promise to share them!) 
--- 2 ---
Brian spent a part of last weekend getting some of our wall hangings up.
He is the best.
Our house feels more home. 
--- 3 ---
Everyone in the blog world is saying it.
But I say it, too:
Happy Autumn!
I wait all year for this season.
Yes, bold and italics. All year.
It is by far the best season.
Happy apples, pumpkins, colors that look good on me, and crunchy leaves.
--- 4 ---
Thanks to Melanie for my Birthday/Christmas/Hannukah/Whatever gift!
This bag holds my personals, my Canon 30D, a diaper, wipes and changing pad.

And it's très cute, to boot!
(Three cheers for not switching between purse and diaper bag each week.)
--- 5 ---
Dear Light Coconut Milk,
 You are not even a close second.
You are the last.
Next time, we go for the real deal.
Full FAT Coconut Milk.
All the way.
--- 6 ---
Craigslist gifted me with two new Pampered Chef stones!
For $29, I have a new pizza stone and cookie sheet stone. Oh happy day!
I cooked these up the same evening they entered my house.
They're super good.
--- 7 ---
Happy 8 months to that soon! (More on that tomorrow)

 Thanks for hosting, Jen!

Kristen's icing: 2 cups confectioners sugar, 1 Tbsp lemon juice, 2 Tbsp heavy cream, 
adding milk to reach desired consistency 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Take 117

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
The new at-home-date-night idea for us:
Monopoly on the iPad.
It was actually quite fun! 
I did get creamed the first time around, but don't worry, 
I didn't lose the second time around.
--- 2 ---
We've been fully enjoying the glory of the start of the Notre Dame football season. When we woke up on the first home game Saturday, we were all lying around in bed when Brian very ceremoniously told George,
"This is sort of like Christmas morning, George."
(Welcome to our family, George.)
--- 3 ---
I would like to vote for FaceTime voicemail.
When I'm calling my Grandma and George is in a good mood,
I don't want to be told "FaceTime unavailable". 
I want to leave a video voicemail!

Get on it, Apple.
--- 4 ---
Thanks to Bethanne, I now know how to defrost my chicken faster:
In the words of her mother-in-law,
"I had to come all the way from Florida to learn this trick!"
--- 5 ---
As I was trying to be very efficient on my day off last weekend, I had done some grocery shopping and wanted to stick around for a soccer game of Brian's team, but I had milk in the car... I realized that cars should have built-in-coolers.
Right? Agreed.
--- 6 ---
We've been doing our annual learning and training at work. 
That looks like a lot of slides and mini-tests.
So, I've been listening to my college-years-created "Classical Music for Studying" station. I thought I'd share with you my very unrefined opinion:
I do not like stressful classical music.
 I have a distaste for anything "fast-paced" or dissonant...
And basically love a lot of Chopin.
--- 7 ---
Praise Jesus, George is in his own room!
Three cheers!!!

 Thanks for hosting, Jen!