Friday, September 04, 2015

Take 164

7 Quick Takes Friday 
This has been an exciting week...
Thus, my quick takes are...
--- 1 ---
This week, we ran out of lotion and I replaced it with what I thought was lotion.
Nope. It was Burt's Bees Diaper Cream. Poor Brian. Took him a while to get that off.
--- 2 ---
My mother informed me that "Eeyore" is an onomatopoeia. That's right. It sounds like the braying of a donkey. My mind was blown.
--- 3 ---
Without further ado, I give you... My high school soccer team. Trinity School at Meadow View. I have no idea what year this is... (Except that it was between '99 and '03.)
--- 4 ---
Rowan is growing! Check out these stats!
Wow, girl.
--- 5 ---
This week we all discovered that there is only one thing in the world (so far) that will keep George from unbelievable excitement over bomberos (fire trucks) driving by... A bath. We offered a bath and he literally did. not. hear. the passing bomberos. I was shocked!
--- 6 ---
I would like to personally call the Jet Dry headquarters and inform them that their bottle is poorly designed. I spill every. time. I pour it into the dishwasher. And the instructions say not to leave any spilled jet dry... I have tried and tried to perfect my pouring method and have now decided that it's really a design problem.
--- 7 ---
Red Bull. This drink was created ("launched" according to their website) in 1987. This week I discovered that Red Bull wasn't red. I felt a bit betrayed.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

What's in a meal?

We have benefited from the many gifts and care from friends after Rowan's birth. It's been such a blessing! It's tempting to feel guilty with a much easier recovery when friends parade in with meals- often including a dessert or even awesome granola bars. I did a little contemplating and decided that no, it's not just a meal. 

That's right: it's not just a meal! It's the not having to cook during the "witching hour." Its not having to clean all the pots and pans. It's the decreased time it takes to grocery shop when your infant is always 90 minutes to the next nursing session. It's not meal planning on Friday, the last day of the week when everyone is worn out and tired. It's even the real, nitty gritty financial help of paying for our dinners. 

I refuse to feel guilty. Instead, I'm feeling grateful! Thanks to all of you awesome family and friends. We are so well cared for!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Take 163

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
A belated happy birthday to my Dad! We had the pleasure of having them with us for a brief time on Dad's birthday... What a treat! Dad, you're a man of the Lord who loves his wife and family more than yourself. We couldn't ask for more!
--- 2 ---
One of the sweet gifts we received was a beautiful block commemorating Rowan's birth. Looking for a gift for a friend with a new baby? I think they're beautiful.
--- 3 ---
Fruit Flies have begun invading our home. I have a new theory: they fit through the window screens. We've had them in the backyard, but they started migrating indoors and I think it's because we've had cooler weather and I've had the windows open more often... 

So, I googled the best way to trap them, felt like a fool making a paper cone... and then... BAM. All the fruit flies are dead in a jar. I'm sold on this technique. (There's just a little apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap in the jar.) 
--- 4 ---
I've been searching for a wheat bread that can be sliced thinly like a loaf from the grocery store and not crumble away... I have a soft spot for soft bread (hah), but it can't be sliced thinly and used for a sandwich... SO! I decided that 100% whole wheat flour was probably the solution. This week I tried Williams-Sonoma's Honey-Wheat Sandwich bread... and ta-da! Thinly sliced and very yummy! (And no, I didn't buy the $300 steam oven. Convection oven directions for the win.)
--- 5 ---
We watch a lot of futbol in this house... And Brian showed me this video this week. And yes, I also hate this aspect of soccer. But man, this video is pretty funny.
--- 6 ---
I harvested our first beets from the garden! (Have I ever told you that I'm in love with beets??) I still plan to post a comprehensive summary of how the garden did this year, but I couldn't resist showing you our not-embarrassing, but not-huge, harvest of beets. I only pulled a few to see how it was going...
--- 7 ---
Last night we had G's perfect evening. We went into public, waved at all the strangers, made guttural noises at every bicycle in sight (there are a lot of bikes when you're at Notre Dame), got ice cream, carried our futbol with us, and then watched all of the construction equipment working. The boy was in heaven.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Splash of Design

Happy Tuesday! 

We're all surviving (and maybe thriving!?) here. Rowan is two and a half weeks happy and George is delighted by my figuring out how to incorporate new activities into his life. Today I gave him crayons for maybe the second time in his life. (The first time he consumed them. This time he just pretended to. Progress!) My parents are here for a short visit and we all went out to eat for dinner--Politos! We New Yorkers don't disapprove of their pizza. But, don't get me wrong, it ain't no Mario's

No really. 

Next time you're in Union Pier, go to Mario's. Talk to Mario. Your life will improve.

Remember when I went to this awesome blogging conference?? I'm still enjoying all of the blogs that I'm newly reading and friendships that were made from that day... What fun it was to sit around and think about the internets (and my little corner of it!) for a day!

One of the sweet things that came from that weekend was an opportunity to host Rhonda Ortiz from Real Housekeeping! She gifted me with an offer to help me with a design for my blog header! So, I bring you (or really, SHE does!) the new and improved Couch of Red!

Looking for a splash of design for yourself? Check her out!